I’m a Dimash Dear

A dear? Yes, I now include myself in the fandom of the great Dimash.

It was just a couple of days after starting my channel on YouTube that a commenter suggested I review a song by Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan. I’d never heard of him before.

But, what has unfolded over the past year and a half has been a journey of getting to learn about and appreciate one of the best singers on the planet. It’s truly the beauty of the Master of Voice channel. While I do enjoy presenting artists that are my favorites, the channel has basically become a platform where avid music fans educate me on some of the best performers from across the world.

From his impressive extended range to his showmanship on the stage and everything in between, being on this journey to becoming a Dimash fan has been one of the highlights of my YouTube creator experience.

In this blog entry, we explore some of the most-viewed Dimash reactions on the channel.

With just over 50,000 views now, I discovered this beautiful trio performance in August of 2020 with the excellent voices of Dimash, Lara Fabian, and Aida Garifullina singing “Ti Amo Cosi” at the VTB Arena in Moscow back in November 2019. This is another great song by Igor Krutoy and I loved the figure skating involved in the performance.

It was just a few days after my first-ever reaction to him singing “SOS” on The Singer 2017 that I raced through several of his performances on that show and discovered the beautiful “Adagio”. This is a cover of a Lara Fabian song (which I reacted to a couple of months later) and it was so nice to hear his interpretation of it on that competition show.

At just over 60,000 views now, I discovered this wonderful performance of “Sinful Passion” as seen at his Sochi concert in 2018. I really enjoyed how his baritone vocal timbre had matured into such a rich quality at that point in his career compared to what I’d heard from him on The Singer competition.

Then just a month later, in March 2020, Dimash released this uplifting song as we were all on lockdown during the opening months of the global pandemic. It touched all of us and was just what we needed to hear as he sang “We Are One”. Simply gorgeous.

It was just a few months ago that I finally heard the much-requested “The Love of Tired Swans” which was his first collaboration with Russian composer Igor Krutoy. The vocal maturity and skill on display were just so impressive during this beautiful song. And, again, incredible range!

With over 70,000 views at this point, I just loved hearing “SOS” again in October of 2020 as he performed it at Slavic Bazaar in 2018. Several of you Dears had requested this specific performance and, after reacting to it, I totally understood why. It’s such a wonderful song and he performs it so well every time I see him do so!

At just over 80,000 views now, it was in early 2020 when I’d discovered this wonderful performance of the song “Hello”. They had asked Dimash to return to The Singer 2018 to perform and he did not disappoint the Chinese audience with his wonderful control and showmanship. Wow!!

It was just a couple of weeks before that in January 2020, that I finally got around to hearing possibly the most-requested performance ever on the channel which is Dimash’s Gakku performance of “Unforgettable Day” in 2018! We’re talking D8 and the works! I wasn’t prepared even though several had mentioned it even as it was the third time for me to hear him sing this song. I mean, just wow!! This video now sits at over 100,000 views.

And, with over 160,000 views, my first-time reaction to him was for his performance of “SOS” on The Singer 2017. You can tell my video quality isn’t great (I’ve learned so much on that end of things) but my reaction to hearing this super-star for the first time ever is still genuine. Wow!!

In March 2020, he premiered the song “Your Love” written by Igor Krutoy with lyrics by Lara Fabian at a performance in Moscow at the Kremlin Palace. This performance has it all! Range, passion, showmanship, a great composition and lyrics. A perfect collaboration between all three of these incredible musicians! It currently has over 208,000 views on my channel.

But it was just a couple of months back, here in 2021, that I finally got to hear the much-requested “Olimpico” that he performed at WorldSkills Kazan in 2019. In just this short amount of time, it already has over 210,000 views! It’s a wonderful song (again, Igor Krutoy) and Dimash puts on another stellar show with his vocal abilities, musicality, and command of the stage. Truly incredible!

Yet, it’s one of my earliest reactions to him from The Singer 2017 that has the most views of his videos on the channel. Sitting at over 330,000 views is his performance of the amazing song “Daybreak” by Han Hong. I reacted to her version a bit later and it’s also incredible. The story behind the song just makes me so emotional and he does it so well. This is also after he was having vocal issues and had to have medical treatment before the show. Amazing!!

Just last week, I was thrilled to review both Lara and Dimash in the same video but in difference performances of the beautiful song “Mademoiselle Hyde”. Another masterpiece by Lara and Maestro Krutoy. It has such great lyrics and you can see the characters develop within both signers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

We now have over 35 reactions to Dimash on the channel including the entire Bastau Concert from 2017 (which also has a great version of “Daybreak” as well) and I’m just so thrilled to continue on this journey with so many of you dears. If you’re new to hearing about him, please check out all of my reactions and learn more about this superstar performer and musician! Wow!!

Back in May of last year, I was thrilled and honored to realize that Dimash was looking on during a live airing of a documentary in Kazakhstan that featured me and a few other reactors in one section of the show. Truly shocked!

More videos of Dimash coming soon on the Master of Voice channel! Thanks for your continued support! Please don’t forget to follow my social media channels and here’s my Ko-fi page for those interested in supporting my content.

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