José José and the Ides of March

While many folks remember studying the Ides of March in history class, especially in relation to the assassination of Julius Caesar, fans of Latin Music remember it for another momentous occasion.

It was on the night of March 15, 1970, that José José represented Mexico at the Latin Song Festival II singing “El Triste” and launched his career toward stardom. Even though he finished third that night, the performance would come to be infamous for years and years.

It was just days after I started my channel in 2019, that someone mentioned him in the comments of another video just after his passing that year. I decided to feature him on the channel with that outstanding performance back in 1970. It was my first reaction to Latin Music and started what would become a huge support system to our Master of Voice community by fans of José José and all of Latin Music!

I just love his smooth voice, phrasing, and stellar breath support. And, a few weeks later, I featured him on the channel again with the beautiful song “Amar y Querer”.

It was a few months later, that I received a commission request on my Ko-fi page for a reaction to another song by him, “Desesperado”, performed at a concert in Acapulco in 1985. Patty from San Francisco explained that it was one her favorites and I loved hearing it!

Just a week later, we continued on with another great performance from that concert with one of his most famous songs, “Almohada”. So much emotion in this one!

Then, in the fall of 2020, we continued on our journey of learning more about him with yet another song from that great concert. This time it was “De Hombre a Hombre”. It’s more up-beat and I just love it!

I enjoy his crooner style so much and I’ve become such a big fan of his career. In the near future, I’m looking forward to learning so much more about his life and voice with more reactions to his performances.

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