What a Year

UPDATED POST: This was posted at the beginning of 2020 and I had no idea what a year it would be for my YouTube Channel and all of us!

Thanks for your continued support and I hope we’ll all have a good 2021!

For the channel, a lot happened in the year 2020. Here’s a look back at the highlights:

  • GAINED 285,000 Subscribers in One Calendar Year (2020)
  • OVER 36.6 Million Views
  • OVER 2.2 Million Hours Viewed
  • TEN Videos Reach 1 Million Views Each

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9 comments Add yours
  1. Have they given you any options to save your Chanel?
    Can the videos in dispute be deleted?
    How about you ad a disclaimer to your intro?
    If they want credit you could disclose all of the information; who owns it, who wrote the song and then who performs.
    I wish they could see that your reactions are as an educator.
    Maybe they assume you are making money from the song and just want a cut from that?
    I don’t know why your Chanel should come down if it is two companies disputing copy rights.
    Music business can be that brutal.

  2. I just recently discovered your Chanel and am sad to hear it could disappear.

    I saw you reaction to Celia Cruz Quimbara it gave me joy so witness your appreciation for her performance.

    I binged for like an hour on your content I really enjoyed it.

    I wanted to write you to see ask if you had heard a song by Celia that is titled; Tu Voz
    1940’s recorded in Cuba.

    Then I find out your channel is in danger of being no more.

    I’m sorry

  3. Hi Andy
    You might be interested to know a little bit more about the abrasileiram singer Ellis Regina. Her daughter (Maria Rita) recordes a wonderful life show some years ago singing the same music you posted reaction in your channel. Here is a link to her record:

    Thank you for honouring that wonderful singer my parents loved so much…


  4. Dear Andy, As you have been publishing your reactions, I believe (and I hope) the process is finished right?
    Since I saw the reaction to Elis Regina, I am a big fan. If you have the oportunity, please learn about our Brazilian singer, Ney Matogrosso. He is the best! I am sure you will like him.
    Love you!

  5. Hola Andy, me gustaría que hagas un video con la canción “NO DISCUTAMOS” letra de Juan Gabriel, pero la versión que canta Luis Miguel.

  6. Hi Andy,
    I’m so happy to discovered your masterful voice analysis channel on YouTube. You really break it down in an entertaining, technical & erudite fashion. I see you appreciate the great Rocio Durcal. If you enjoy her voice, you may want to check out her performances of La Guirnalda and this one:
    https://youtu.be/-wSn2jf-R78. Enjoy & keep up the great work! — Airam

  7. Andy I am about 2 months new to your channel and really enjoy how you conduct your shows. You professionalism and musical knowledge truly dissect the artists and their emphasis in song. Your commentary and expression are priceless. You truly have a gift that makes allows the viewer to become one with song and artist. By your comments and expressions I can tell you really do your homework on the artists that you choose. I have one request bc I know you really love Juan Gabriel. I actually attended one of his last concerts here in houston Texas and his show was amazing. The only way I could have put shoe into words is by stating that,”even a person who couldn’t understand a word of Spanish or had never heard of him before could fall in love with him and his charisma, you could enter the venue without knowledge of him and leave feeling like a number one fan!” Please do a video that breaks down the song “Te quise olvidar” featuring a duo with Alejandro fernandez. This well composed song is amazing and the combo of the two is legendary. Harmony and music brought to life in perfection.

  8. You should check out Danny Rivera , a Puerto Rican singer wich in my opinion has a great voice and great songs,
    specially “Gracias Amor Por Todo Lo Vivido”

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