We did it! 100K Subs!!

We did it!! Thanks so much for the continued support of my YouTube channel. In 18 weeks (about 4.5 months), we reached 100K subscribers and I’m so grateful for the outpouring of love and support. Hugs to you all!!

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  1. I discovered your channel recently, and I love it. Not just for sharing so gorgeous voices from around the world, but your enthusiasm and passion for the music as well. I really enjoyed it. I do hope the new policy of Youtube don’t complicate your wonderful work, because it would not be fair. So many international singers I didn’t ever hear about, and I know of them now, and they are fantastic!!
    Thank you for your great channel! Greetings from Spain!!

    P.S.: I would recommend you listening to Rapahel’s wonderful voice. He is a great Spanish singer I think you would like. Some of his greater themes are “Cuando tu no estas”, “Ave Maria”, “Digan lo que digan”… And, maybe the most amazing performance “Ballad of the sad trumpet” -> https://youtu.be/AFsHY86I6iA
    I hope you like it, (wether Youtube let you upload the video or not, anyway I hope you enjoy his wonderful voice.)

  2. I grew up listening to Karen Carpenter in the 70s. She was (& still is) my Favorite Vocalist of all Time. Every time the Carpenters would come out with a new single or Album I would go to the local store and buy the 45 or other Vinyl. To this day I listen to The Carpenters every Saturday during my “Saturday Night at the 70s”
    There is no voice in the world that even comes close to hers. She was my #1 Teenage Crush.

    BTW Andy you are a difficult Man to find an email address for. It would be nice if you posted something on your Youtube Channel or on this website. Some of us do NOT use social media.

  3. Hi Andy My name is Aaron Gonzalez a 7th grade drop out. And I would love to sing a song of juan gabriel called querida. Obviously repeating his words. Give me a chance hear me out one song. I’ll pay you sir to teach me how to sing pls and thank you

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