The Divo of Juarez

It wasn’t long after I started my YouTube reaction channel in the fall of 2019 that someone requested a video reaction to Juan Gabriel.

I’m so glad they did!

Over the past year and a half, I have learned so much more about this iconic Mexican singer and songwriter. Not only by reacting to multiple live performances of some of his best songs, but also by watching the television series about his life titled “Hasta Que Te Concoci” which is available on Amazon Video.

I’ve taken a journey with an artist I wasn’t familiar with and for which I now have the highest level of respect as one of my favorite musician’s of all time.

I started with “Amor Eterno” as I’d seen an article about the song in regards to the mass shooting in El Paso. It educated me about the importance of this song in the Hispanic community. It’s such a beautiful melody with wonderful lyrics. And Juan’s voice is just perfection, as he shares the emotions of love and loss.

Just a week or so later, I would take more advice from the comments section and learn of his long-term musical partnership with the wonderful Spanish singer, Rocio Durcal. This duet was just mesmerizing to watch. I learned more about her a month or so later as I reviewed her version of “Amor Eterno”.

Rocio and Juan sing “Fue Un Placer Concocerte”

Next, less than a month after that first video, I learned of his masterpiece, “Hasta Que Te Concoci”, another song performed at that iconic concert at Palacio de Bellas Artes in 1990. A song and performance that won’t leave your mind. The marachi, the crowd, the lyrics, his voice…it’s all a combination for an instant classic. It’s the first and only video on the Master of Voice channel to have over 2 Million views!

It wasn’t much later in the month of November 2019, that I discovered this great performance of his song “Asi Fue” and I accidentally read the lyrics for the Isabel Pantoja version using the word “her” instead of “him”. The comments were fun on that mistake! Haha!

In early December that year, I learned more about the Festival de Viña in Chile – where all the top acts in Latin Music converge once every spring – by reviewing his performance of “Abrázame Muy Fuerte” there in 2002.

During the Christmas holiday season of 2019, it was fun to see his performance of an upbeat holiday tune like his song “Tú serás mi Navidad”. He was having such a fun time and it did my heart good to see it again this past holiday season.

Then, on January 7th, Juan Gabiel’s birthday, I discovered this gem of a performance from that same 2002 show in Chile of one of his most famous songs, “Querida”.

On Valentine’s Day of 2020, it was back to that great concert in Mexico City in 1990 with his performance of “Inocente Pobre Amigo”.

In March of 2020, our worlds were changing and I was honored to keep learning more about Juan and Rocio with this performance of “El Destino”. Another beautiful duet between these two wonderful singers!

In the Summer of 2020, it was time for more Juanga and I went with one the most-requested songs of his, “La Farsante”. He was performing on a 1980s television show hosted by legendary Mexican performer Lola Beltrán.

It was later in 2020 that I learned about this wonderful song and performance of “Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas”. It’s a song that stayed in my head for weeks. So excellent!

I was honored this past weekend to fulfill a long-requested reaction to his salsa duet with Marc Anthony and, I must tell you, it’s brilliant! The camaraderie these two have in this fun take on Juan’s beautiful original version of the song is magical. Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through my journey of learning about Juan Gabriel, The Diva of Juarez! He’s so impressive to me and I enjoy keeping his musical legacy alive by honoring so many of his great performances. More to come soon!

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  1. I love your reactions to Latin music, could you please react to Yuri with María del Sol singing Jazz with the song ‘Todo mi corazón’ (the tribute) and also to the singer Lupita D’Alessio with the song ‘Caress me’ from a few years ago 10 years where she sang to her husband from that time, thank you!

  2. Juan Gabriel an Icon in the Mexican culture , as I Mexican myself I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reviewing and appreciating the artist and music of my country.

  3. Love your channel, your reactions are very sincere and that goes a long way. Thank you for showing other audiences about this type of beautiful music. Keep up the great work!

  4. Beautiful Profe, I knew the first time you watch him you would love his music and story. He had that charismatic aura that captivated many, and now has captivated you. Such wonderful reactions and I am one of the probably many that go back to watch your reaction of Hasta que te conoci, over and over again. Keep the good work. You rock Profesor, you truly rock!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh by the way, you may not publish this comment in case no one has mentioned but the nickname is Divo of Juarez with “o” Spanish has a female and male words and you may already know, Diva is for a female, even though he said himself when questioned about his sexuality because you already noticed he was very femenine in his gestures, he said, “what’s obvious to the eye should not be questioned!” Back in the day when being homosexual was such a scandalous matter in a conservative Mexico. He truly was a DIVA lol❤️❤️❤️

  6. Juan Gabriel also did a recording of some of his songs with Banda music. Banda is not my favorite but they sound really good and his voice blended really well with the genre.

  7. I love watching your videos, and it warms up my heart seeing that you do many with mexican artist. I feel home away from home.❤️

  8. Such an amazing journey. Thank you for putting JuanGa out there for the world to hear and appreciating him as much as we mexicans do. He has made us feel so much. I love your reactions, they are so filled with feelings.

  9. You should review him singing “ Por Qué Me Haces Llorar” another big song he’s famous for!! 🙂

  10. It’s been rewarding, as Mexican, to witness how fond you are of Juan Gabriel. I’ve been thrilled that Juangas’s songs make you comment with such emotional heartstrings.
    It’s a shame you didn’t watch Juanga live but I believe that, wherever he is, he gets your good vibes and thanks, as I do, your good job in promoting hand honoring his legacy. I’m happy I’ve found your channel. Wish you the best.

  11. Me encantaría que pudiera visualizar la actuación del Destino de Juan Gabriel y Rocío Dúrcal que realizaron en Viña del Mar, estoy segura que le sorprendería muchísimo más que la que ha visualizado del concierto juntos, sería un placer conocer su opinión del dueto en Viña del Mar, Gracias

  12. I agree with so many of these comments – I especially love that you love Juan Gabriel, as his music has helped me through so many hard times in my life, and most of the people I know (except Latinos -thank God!) have never heard of him – I can’t imagine my life without his music, so thank you.

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