ALERT!!! YouTube is threatening to delete my channel in 7 days due to copyright issues.

¡¡¡ALERTA!!! YouTube amenaza con eliminar mi canal en 7 días debido a problemas de derechos de autor.

Because of copyright strikes from two different Asian television corporations regarding three videos, my channel is in jeopardy of being removed from YouTube. I just wanted to alert you all to what is going on while I dispute these claims as I’m not allowed to upload any new content during this process.

I know my legal rights on the subject and will fight as hard as I can! What is frustrating is that dozens of other reactors have reacted to the exact same three videos, so I’m unsure of why my channel is being targeted. I’ve worked so hard on the channel and this is so disappointing.

I will keep you updated as much as I can but I ask you to please stay tuned for my decision of where I will potentially be moving my content and providing new videos in the future!! Please stay in contact with me via other platforms!

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  1. Have they given you any options to save your Chanel?
    Can the videos in dispute be deleted?
    How about you ad a disclaimer to your intro?
    If they want credit you could disclose all of the information; who owns it, who wrote the song and then who performs.
    I wish they could see that your reactions are as an educator.
    Maybe they assume you are making money from the song and just want a cut from that?
    I don’t know why your Chanel should come down if it is two companies disputing copy rights.
    Music business can be that brutal.

  2. I just recently discovered your Chanel and am sad to hear it could disappear.

    I saw you reaction to Celia Cruz Quimbara it gave me joy so witness your appreciation for her performance.

    I binged for like an hour on your content I really enjoyed it.

    I wanted to write you to see ask if you had heard a song by Celia that is titled; Tu Voz
    1940’s recorded in Cuba.

    Then I find out your channel is in danger of being no more.

    I’m sorry

  3. Hi Andy
    You might be interested to know a little bit more about the abrasileiram singer Ellis Regina. Her daughter (Maria Rita) recordes a wonderful life show some years ago singing the same music you posted reaction in your channel. Here is a link to her record:

    Thank you for honouring that wonderful singer my parents loved so much…


  4. Dear Andy, As you have been publishing your reactions, I believe (and I hope) the process is finished right?
    Since I saw the reaction to Elis Regina, I am a big fan. If you have the oportunity, please learn about our Brazilian singer, Ney Matogrosso. He is the best! I am sure you will like him.
    Love you!

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