I Don’t Think You’re Ready

Here it is. What I should have been doing for years.

Sharing my knowledge, experience, and opinions about singing and all-things voice related.

From Local to Global

After years of performing locally and teaching private lessons, I’m moving my studio and focus more online. I plan to utilize the web all that it is capable of in the digital age. Times have definitely changed since I finished my degrees in Y2K.

Remember when we thought the new-found tech world might shut down when the clock moved from 1999 to 2000? It was a thing! Alas, just like the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, we moved on and here we are 20 years later.

Tech Has Caught Up

Because of this boom, technology has become more refined and faster making it much easier to teach and perform to a wider audience now than ever before. And, because of improvements to communications clients like video conferencing and video upload platforms, the world is wide open for putting your craft out there.

I’m pretty late to the game in many respects but it’s never too late to start. Right? Or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself right now.

In the next few weeks, I will be launching my YouTube channel and starting to build more of an online presence. If you’d like to keep up with me, please subscribe to YouTube and like my Facebook page.

Stay Tuned! Intonation is key.

My plan is to have information on vocal care, reactions to certain performances, and throw in a few cover songs of my own here and there. I will also be accepting students and clients here locally and online for vocal coaching and voice care consulting sessions.

More to come on all of that. Thank you!


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